About Us

About Us


Holistic design and attention to details.
The very first FARLIN easy feeder came from the observation of babies, as our greatest joy comes from satisfying every baby’s need. Bearing this caring thought in mind and at heart for all babies, FARLIN products are holistically made with lots of attention to details because we care for your baby as much as you do.

Medical research and cutting edge technology.
Being the first baby care brand with a hospital in our name, every FARLIN creation is strongly supported by a network of medical and technological expertise. Together we design products which support babies in their development and well-being in the best way possible.

Uniqueness and reliability.
The combination of innovation, medical findings and style defines the FARLIN brand. We stand by the motto of producing only premium quality products. Assuming the role of both designer and manufacturer, we are able to present FARLIN as a leading, unique and reliable brand.

Meeting parents’ expectations.
Doting parents always seek perfection for their babies: premium quality, great design and practical functionality. We are confident to say, with the strengths of our team at FARLIN, we are able to meet parents’ demands in the best interest of their babies.

Only the best for your babies.
Parents from all walks of life have one similarity: they want the best for their babies. At FARLIN, we strive to achieve the same goal, so that parents can have a peace of mind and babies can be on cloud nine.

A wish. A strong desire. A legacy.
Our legacy began with a wish and strong desire from our founder Mr. John Shieh, to spread the love for babies all over the world. In the 1970s, the insufficiency of baby care products nudged Mr. John Shieh to turn his wish into a legacy. The decision to focus on premium quality baby products which come with medical benefits, was made after an extensive analysis, observation of babies, business planning and an in-depth understanding of the market.

Founded in 1972, FARLIN has grown to become the world’s leading baby care provider, with over 40 years of baby care excellence.

• 1972: Founded in Taiwan. International sales team and production centre established in Taiwan. The first bottle teal sold.
• 1977: Registered in United Kingdom and USA.
• 1980: The first easy feeder launched.
• 1983: The second manufacturing plant opened in Taiwan.
• 1991: The third factory site opened in Taiwan.
• 1997: FARLIN hospital established.
• 2000: The first silicone feeding bottle launched.
• 2010/2011: The fourth manufacturing site was built (medical supplement manufacturer license applied).

Facts and figures.
• Sold all over the world in over 80 countries.
• Leading baby care product manufacturer.
• More than 200 employees.